Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Game Reviews 1

Since I don't exactly have the most money in the world, I tend to have older games laying around. So, every Wednesday, I plan on posting multiple short reviews of games with scores. So, let's get this thing started!

Fallout 3 - Pretty cool game. One time through is good enough for most, as it can get old, but if you like to explore huge areas full of items and other goodies, you'll most likely enjoy it. I think you can pick up the GoTY edition for like... $20 now. If you like RPG games, give it a shot. 9/10

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Lots of mixed opinions about this game. People tend to complain that the first Modern Warfare game was better, but I honestly prefer this one. The campaign is AWESOME and the Spec Ops will keep you busy when you are offline or playing with friends. Multiplayer is great, obviously, as it is a Call of Duty game. 10/10 if you play multiplayer online, 7/10 if you don't.

Grand Theft Auto IV - The online is dead by now, unless you feel like running around lagging players and trying to blow up the vehicles they want to get into. The story is fun and engaging, and I have heard that the DLC  is of very high quality. If you played any GTA game, you know what to expect. 8/10


  1. Always like reading reviews so I will definitely stick around to see more.

  2. I loves the grand theft auto series. It was amazing.

  3. same here. sadly i dont own the systems to play any of these games (nintendo fanboy here)

  4. That's short :P

    And all three games are like 9-10/10 You can't say which one you like more becuse they are a lot different ^^

  5. GTA IV has one of the best physics engines EVER... really one of the best =)