Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Borderlands Review

I know, I know. Borderlands came out nearly a year ago. Big deal. It's not going to stop me from reviewing it. Why? Because I LOVE this game. Well, you see, I have always been a fan of FPS games. From my days of playing Goldeneye on N64 (when my mom wasn't home to yell at me) up until now, I have always loved me some good shootsin'. And Borderlands delivers.

Not only does it have some pretty decent shooting mechanics, it also has some very unique aspects. It is almost as if Gearbox tried to be as unique as possible in their game creation. The game has a very cool art style (well, I like it at least) where everything appears to be fresh out of the pages of a comic book. And if you have heard anything about this game at all, you've probably heard something about 14 million guns. No, that isn't a typo. How can this be? Gearbox developed a system where weapons are made out of different pieces, and all of the different combinations make for a large number to brag about. While this is great fun to keep you busy looking for better guns, something that makes up about 99% of the endgame, it doesn't have the same quality as you would see if each gun was made to be different. When it comes down to it, most guns are just a value of elemental damage, regular damage, accuracy, fire rate, and clip size. Very few guns stray from the normal bullet based weapons you see in real life. One of my favorite (but slightly broken) guns was the Carnage Shotgun. This beastly weapon shot rockets instead of buckshot. I wanted to see more guns like that, but sadly, there were few others to be found. Also, a nice touch, you can aim down the sight with all guns.

This game is what they call an RPS, or a "Role-Playing Shooter". It has its RPG aspects, such as skills and action abilities, defensive shields and stats for all equipment, but I think it is a shooter at heart. Don't be scared away if you are a fan of only FPS games and hear that this game is an RPG. It's safe. Trust me.

Your character can be use both online and offline, which makes for great fun. If you are offline and playing a game, you can invite a friend to join your game. When they leave, they keep anything they picked up, their experience, and any quests they may have done, all without you ever leaving the game. Cool stuff, right?
Sadly, though, this also allows for modded weapons and items to spread like a plague through online games. If you don't want to be bored by this game, either stay offline or play online with people who don't use modded equipment. Any other way, and you may as well be watching a boring movie.

I personally loved this game, all bashing aside. You can play this game solo over and over (different characters every other playthrough) and enjoy it. It's good stuff.

Overall score? 10/10


  1. Borderlands is fun, but I've gotten bored of it. might try to pick it up again if I can get the livestream working properly.

  2. shit is so cash. play it with my friends on most days

  3. OMG I love that game. I've kinda moved on but it's still insanely awesome.

  4. I'm horrible at shooter games D: oh well.. Awesome review

  5. I love BL its the only game I can actualy snipe on and be good at it xD I have it on PC and 360.

  6. I liked Borderlands but for me it got old fast :C